Construction year: 2023
Construction method: glas prepreg build in the Autoclave

We have build 4 Olympiajolle, designed by Juan K Jachtdesign.  The O-jolle is a one design class and was originally designed for the Olympic Games in 1936, that’s where the name Olympia-Jol is coming from. The boat is sailed by 1 person.

In March of 2022 we were approached by O-jolle sailors Onno Yntema and Sybrand Vochteloo. Whether we were also interested in building a new Olympiajolle. Paul Dijkstra, a well-known sailor in racing and builder of Solo 673, was looking forward to this.

The design process

The Olympiajol design has been the same for years, so we thought it would be good to take a different look at it. Who better to involve in the project than the designer of the winning Star and Finn at previous Olympics. The choice for Juan K was  quickly made and it was a great honor for us that he wanted to be part of this project. Juan K is also known for the Volvo Ocean racers, Ericsson III and IIII, ABN Amro I and II and Groupama.

The Olympiajol design process was super interesting. Juan K is truly an artist and started designing the Olympiajol from scratch. He had made a number of hull designs for us and with each design he was able to explain which choices he had made and why. Everything is drawn in 3D in the computer and run through all kinds of simulations. Sybrand and Onno also involved in the design process then helped us with the deck layout. In the end, the next design came out on top in all the tests and we opted for this design.

Because a license is required for building an Olympiajol, we have applied for this. This was granted in 2022 by the German sailing association DSV. Measurer of the  Dutch Watersportverbond Toon Neijman performed a digital preliminary measurement after the design. So we know our boats are within the rules.

The construction method

We made the mould from 3D milled plug. Lance Tijhuis, draftsman and work planner at PDC and also a competitive sailor in the Solo class, took over the drawing work after determining the design. He draws everything in 3D.  When he was designing, he made them fit into our Autoclave. In the autoclave you can put the boats under vacuüm and under pressure with high temprature.

In 2023 we’ve build 4 Olympiajol. We are sorry to tell we don’t have the capisity to make some more Olympiajol at the moment. Our workshop is almost fully booked for 2024.

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