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Paul Dijkstra Composites


Paul Dijkstra Composites B.V is the specialist in the Netherlands in custom made composite casco’s and moulds that are suitable for one-off products. All our projects are made of fiberglass or carbon in combination with epoxy.

Do you want as light and as strong as possible? A carbon sailracer or tender, a special catamaran, a motorboat specially to your wishes? A sloop that you can easily drive with your wheelchair? You have reached the right place for all your custom made watersports needs. We would like to welcome you in our workshop to tell you more about our custom made casco’s.

But be aware, once we start talking about water sports, we won’t be able to stop talking soon …

meet the team

With a small team of specialists, we have all the knowledge to make a composite product that meets your needs. Our specialists go through the entire construction process and know exactly what is going on. Because we have all the facilities to do the entire building process from the mold to the delivery of the hull in-house, you are free to focus on what comes after the hull.

Paul knew early on what he wanted to do later, build boats. At the age of 16 he built himself a racing sailboat a “Schakel”. Since 2006 he has been working with composite. In 2012 he started his own career as a freelancer. Based in Uitwellingerga since 2015, in the meanwhile the team has been expanded by 12 people.

  • 1350m² workshop
  • 44m² oven for baking products up to 120 degrees
  • 2 Mobile oven units for baking boat hulls that do not fit in the oven
  • CNC router for milling the buildingpackets for our moulds and parts
  • Large freezer for storing prepreg and sprint materials
  • Located on a watersports industrial estate with excellent options for large transport
  • Transport over the water possible from the quay

Paul Dijkstra Composites differentiate itself from other company’s because of the custom-made mould system what is developed in-house. These moulds can have higher temperatures and are suitable for use with prepreg and / or sprint. Because we make this completely in-house, it is much cheaper than with a 3D milled mold. The fact that our molds are special has not gone unnoticed in the composite world. For example, our molds were nominated during the Boat Builders Award 2019 in the category: “Innovation in a production process”. Grand Banks took the prize with a 3D printing robot, but we are proud to have stood on this big stage.

Since 2016 we are the proud owners of a CNC router. With this router we can mill everything precisely to the millimeter, computer controlled. This is the way we make buildingpackets for our moulds. We can also mill 3D shapes. Since then we are no longer dependent on another company. This not only saves costs, but has also shortened the time for our projects.

  • Prepreg, the resin is incorporated into the mat. This gives you the perfect ratio of resin and the end product is extremely strong and light. The product is prepared by vacuum and oven heating. Prepreg is a clean and high-tech construction method.
  • Sprint, this is similar to Prepreg but in this case the resin is on the fiber. This material is used in combination with Prepregs and ensures better air transport during the process, so that less debulks during the buildingproces and therefore faster construction can be done. That’s why it is called Sprint.
  • Vacuum injection, the resin is sucked through the laminate by vacuum injection. This ensures that the correct amount of resin enters the product. Vacuum injection is a clean, high-tech construction method. The building plan for this method must be highly developed.
  • Wet lay-up, the resin is manually rolled into the product. This labor-intensive method is the least risky method.

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