Project I-go 40

Construction year: 2018
Boatname: Out Of the Box
Construction method: Carbon prepreg

On behalf of E. Haak built the hull for the I-go 40. The I-Go 40 is a catamaran that can be completely disassembled and fits in 2 containers. Ready to be shipped and stored worldwide.

The boat is mostly made of glass prepreg, the beams that separate the hulls are made of carbon prepreg. The fully demountable deck consists of glass fiber plates that are also made by PDC. The owner has chosen not to completely cover the boat, but to paint the composite construction. The boat has 6 berths and is completely self-supporting and off the grid. There is no need to stock up on fuel, gas and water.

PDC has been nominated at the METS in the category in 2019,; Innovation in a production process, partly due to the I-go 40. The cheaper way of making molds for high temperatures had also been noticed in the rest of the world. We did not win the award, but we are proud to have been among the great names of the world.

More information about the I-go 40 can be found at;

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