PDC and Slats go Vendeé Globe 2024

Mark Slats and Paul Dijkstra Composites are committed to Vendeé Globe 2024

Building an Imoca 60, Paul’s big dream since he was little, is one step closer. Last week Mark Slats and PDC commissioned Naval architect Juan K to make the preliminary design for an Imoca 60.

Mark has previously sailed around the world, rowing across the Atlantic at record speed, finishing second in the solo, non-stop Golden Globe Race in the nick of time and crossing the ocean one more time (but now with the two of us) in record time. He built a new boat together with us for that last race. Before he can appear at the start of the Vendeé Globe 2024, he has to look for a sponsor.

Juan K the chosen architect is known for the ABN Amro l and ll that were built in the Netherlands. He has taken a good look at a boat that suits Mark. It will be a very strong boat, without foils, so that Mark can push the boat as he likes to do. Before building, we will make the necessary adjustments to our warehouse, but we have all the knowledge and skills in-house to build the boat that will bring Mark Slats to the start and finish of the Vendeé globe 2024.

Attached a video with great images of the Vendeé Globe 2020

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