Win TWAC 2020

Mark Slats and Kai Wiedmer win TWAC 2020 with a lead of 200 Miles

This adventure started in our warehouse more than a year ago. With a specially designed mold to make sure there was no glue seam in the boat. Everything to make sure the boat would be as light as possible …

But a light boat is nothing without good rowers !! What great performance, 32 days at sea in tough conditions. Headwind, side wind, rain, heat, everything passed. Eating, rowing sleep, eating, rowing sleep for 32 days. Seen a lot of special wild animals, these were the bright spots in the race.

Led the race from the start and finally finished a four-man boat more than 200 miles before number two! Guys, have a good recovery and enjoy this fantastic performance !! TWAC 2020 winners Mark Slats and Kai Wiedmer.

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