Good start of 2022

A lot has happened at PDC in the first 3 weeks of 2022. We have finished the carbon work of a Bimini top for a Super Yacht tender. The customer has picked up the bimini top and will paint and finish it.

Bimini mould is the craned out of the warehouse

Large mould with special transport and the delivery of a Tender
We have finalized a large mould that is also made for a bimini, which will be made by the customer in carbon prepreg. The mould had a size of 6.5m by 7.5m and was transported to the customer by special transport. Another finished project is a one off carbon prepreg tender. The casco of this tender will be transported to the customer next Friday for painting and outfitting.

Old acquaintance back in the Warehouse.
In addition to these One off projects, we are also working on an old acquaintance. Another Eagle 54 is under construction, the 5th eagle to sail out of our PDC warehouse. At the beginning of this year, we did the vacuum infusion of the hull . The deck was already made last year. At the moment we are placing the bulkheads and stiffeners. When this is ready we will place the deck on the hull.

Eco-runner team Delft
In the meantime, students from the Eco-runner team of the TU Delft can be found in our main warehouse. Under the eye of Paul, they build the carbon shells for a hydrogen-powered car. They will use this to participate in the Shell Eco-marathon at the end of the school year. The students work with a team of 23 men and women on this project for a year. From engineering the hydrogen engines, to the aerodynamics of the car. But also building the car and engines and communication with the media, everything will be on their shoulders in this year. We can’t tell you much about it, but of course we will make sure that they have the lightest and strongest car. Below you find a photo of the car from the last edition of the Eco- Marathon.





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