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Paul Dijkstra Composites

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Paul Dijkstra Composites

Paul Dijkstra Composites was founded in 2012 and has existed for more than 10 years. Paul started on his own, but in the meantime we have a social team of 17 men and women with a multiple background. In the Netherlands, there is no training or school that links up with the one-off composite construction, which is why most team members have learned composites in house.

What do we do?

At PDC are making one off composite boat hulls and parts. About 75% of the composite hulls and parts are built with carbon. We work with the latest techniques such as sprint and prepreg, clean construction methods for a healthy working climate. Because we build one-offs, we make a new plan for every boat. We keep up with the times and immerse ourselves in more sustainable products. This makes the work very varied, but it also requires some thinking from our team. In addition to building products from composite, we also make moulds for other companies that make their own one-off products.


Wanna know how this works?

Have a look at the movie of the 17m what was build at PDC

Wanna Join our Team?

Because PDC continues to grow, we are often looking for new members to join our team on the shop floor. We have the opportunity to train you here within the company, but you are also invited to apply with experience. Education and diplomas are not that important to us. But you like to work with your hands.



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