Meet the team

Thomas van der Werf

Allround Composites Worker

Thomas stuck around after his internship and has already made a lot of progress in our warehouse. In addition to his studies in Naval Engineering in Leeuwarden, he works in our warehouse for 3 days. If he cannot be found in our shed, he is busy with his own boat. He bought an old dilapidated lifeboat which he gave a complete refit. In good weather you can meet him with a group of friends on the Frisian lakes.


Jellie Boschma-Schriemer

Allround employee

Jellie came as a replacement for our cleaning lady during her maternity leave. When there were some hands short during that period, it was soon clear that Jellie also stood her ground in the workshop. She most enjoys to stick Teflon and Prepreg. The precise fiddle work is her specialty.
In her own time, she enjoys life on the farm and takes beautiful nature photos. In the summer she likes to go out by motorbike or go on a boat trip on the Frisian waters.

Lance Tijhuis

Work planner / draftsman
When we receive an order, Lance is the first to get started. He designs a mould around the original product. He turns the mould into a frame package which is processed on the CNC router. When the work is on the router, Lance makes the workinstruction for the guys in the workshop. Lance is the man of sizes during the project and he get all the information from the 3D models. In his own time he likes to go out with his motorcycle. His dream is to make a world trip on the motorcycle.


Bert Bosma

All-round Composite employer and stockmanager
When Paul did his first internship at the rowing yard in 2006, Bert was his supervisor. Twelve years later it was time for a new challenge and Bert came to work with us. A true professional with a lot of experience. He knows everything from mould building to laminating. Bert is very social, creates a good atmosphere in our team and he patiently guides our new employees or interns. Bert takes care that the general stuff such as gloves, rollers, sandpaper ect. are present in the warehouse.
In his own time, Bert likes to go out on the water with his boat, go fishing, go into nature and likes to go on the road with his metal detector.

Djessica Zwaga

Djessica is our cleaning lady and can be found in our company 1 day a week. In addition to cleaning and replenishing the canteen, she can be found in the workshop in the afternoon for various jobs. Cleaning and lubricating the CNC Machine, maintaining the machinery or for example, labeling products in the warehouse. A real go-getter and a jack of all trades that we are very happy with. In her spare time she likes to be on the water at Skutsjesilen or sailing in a GWS Schouw.

Paul Dijkstra


Paul knew early what he wanted to become, a boatbuilder. When he was 16 he built a wooden racing sailboat for a school project. Since 2006 he has been working with composite, first in rowing boats later in composite boat hulls. In 2012 he started his own business as a freelancer. The company has been based in Uitwellingerga since 2014, close to Sneek, and the team got bigger every year.During the weekend, Paul likes to go out with his camper to compete in sailing competitions in the Musto Skiff and Solo class. Paul’s biggest dream is to build an Imoca 60, this class sails in the Vendée Globe and Volvo Ocean Race.

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